For Mental Stamina Take a Modvigil Dosage

For Mental Stamina Take a Modvigil Dosage - Modafinil EU

  • Posted On: 03 May 2019
  • Posted By: Lynne Kapolski

There are numerous reasons why we feel lethargic and mentally switched off during the day. It could be the result of a poor diet. Drinking numerous cups of coffee is not the way to fuel your energy levels. Neither is eating junk food or sweets and cakes. A poor diet is almost certain to make you feel de-energised.

Another reason why many of us get sleepy during the day is because of sleep deprivation. Some people struggle with insomnia which varies in intensity from episodic insomnia to chronic. If you are one of these people you will find that taking a Modvigil dosage will contribute to making you feel more alert and awake during the day when you need to be on top of things.

In addition to taking Modvigil, 30 minutes to an hour of exercise three times a week will go a long way to making you feel more awake and alive.

How Would a Modvigil Dosage Help Me?

Modvigil is used extensively be people who suffer from one or other type of sleeping disorder including but not limited to insomnia, narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnoea, night terrors and restless legs syndrome. Modvigil is also used by people who do not have a sleeping disorder but find that at certain times they need a cognitive boost.

What is the Best Way To Take Modvigil?

Only take one tablet per day and take it early in the morning soon after waking up. Do not take more than one Modvigil tablet per day or you could experience unpleasant side effects. If you suffer from shift work sleeping disorder, take a tablet an hour before you start your shift.

How Does a Modvigil Dosage Increase Mental Acuity?

The active ingredient modafinil, works on certain brain chemicals, specifically dopamine to increase nerve impulses in the brain. It blocks the reuptake of dopamine and it is this process that gives you more mental energy and keeps you focused and on task.

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